Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wake up wake up my sleepy pup

This is what I say to my cowbabys when I wake them up in the mornings. This is the response I get nooooo iiiiiiiimm tired. What ever happened to all the blissful happiness of children jumping for joy when there loving beautiful mother opens the door and sings them a sweet good morning song. You know like the stuff we see on TV the perfect life. As I sit and type this lovely morning I imagine myself in this world of TV perfectness. My laundry's done there is a three course breakfast waiting on the table and a fresh bouquet of flowers.(Even though its the middle of winter I never have understood this but since its a perfect TV life I wont question). My hair is perfect and my makeup on. Then I hear a sweet voice moooomm I want a cartoon now. And I wake up and see my dirty clothes pile staring at me laughing because it truly has beat me. I almost cry then smile and tell it to be quiet because today is the day I am going to ruin its reign of terror on my life(probably not) but one can always hope.

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Anonymous said...

I think I dream of the Tv perfectness evernight! HEHEHE I know exactly what you mean about the boys jumping up with smiles on their faces.... It is so sad how fast they get to big boys!