Thursday, January 29, 2009


After a long day of feeding horses, cows and bottle calves Cason and I settled in the house for a few minutes to warm up and watch a movie. Patrick and Dustin went on to cowboy church, since Thursday nights is our night for that. Cason and I did not go because I still had barn chores to do. While we were hanging out at home I decided I needed a few things at the store. So Cason and I ran into town (pop. 150) and grabbed a few items. As we were driving back on one of the many dirt country roads we have to drive on I stopped my car for a brief moment to fix something or find something or both I don't remember. Of course, I stop my car on a slick snow packed part of the road my car tires aimlessly spinning as I mash the gas peddle . At this point my little world begins to close in on me because I am not but 2 feet on either side of my car from dense, monster filled, dark, creepy forests. Let alone the moon tonight was nothing but a sliver. No big deal you say,well I am very good at talking my self into being scared. I could see the Texas chain saw man heading towards my very stuck vehicle smoke billowing from his very sharp bloody chain saw. On the other side of the car was the big scary tree from Halloween Tiger and Pooh it's creepy eyes staring down at me as I try to rock my car of the slick spot. Then I hear the growl of a mountain Lion It came all the way from Colorado to Mo. just to be in this spot at this time to eat Cason and I. "It's Ok: I tell myself "the Texas chain saw man is not going to be in mo. he is in Texas and the scary tree is a nice tree he is not mean and Mt. Lions in mo. haha". I am doing better nothing to be scared of my car is starting to gain traction the world is looking up then all of a sudden out jumps Bigfoot just as my car catches some gravel. Feeeeeew we got away just in time!

Happy Heifer


Heather said...

That sounds like my imagination. What's that in the closet? Did that shirt just move? Yes it did. What's that noise? Was that light on before?

Happy Heifer said...

Yap, that is totally me!!!! Especially when it is dark

Diana said...

Bwahaha! This is so funny. I have the exact same imagination. As a matter of fact, I am convinced on a nightly basis that those black, scraggly things from 'The Grudge' are coming out of the walls/ceilings at me AND that there's a serial killer under my bed. *sigh*

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment, by the way. It's how I found you! :)

Remotely related: A Guest post I wrote that you'll probably get a kick out of, it's all about being afraid of scary things - mostly the dark - but monsters are included. ;-)

Suzanne said...

In all your frightening characters you forgot to think that the Fouke Monster might be trudging up the road towards you!Next time niece of mine,get you little carpet samples and carry in the trunk of your car,place in front of the wheels and push a little under tire, or carry a small bag of hay, both of these are great for traction when you need it!Don't leave home without it.