Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Relics of old " The school house"

I can hear the school bell ringing. The teacher stands on the porch in all her glory, ready to teach her pupils. A smile beams across her face as the last student scrambles through the door. Once inside the burn of the fire place nips all the frost bitten faces. The students giggle and squirm until the teacher, the one who holds all these hopes and dreams in her hands, calls the class to her attention. You can hear the pride in her voice as she teaches Math, English,writing and art. The teacher would not want it any other way than being here in this old school house with her students.


nature person said...

Did you take these photos. Great writing and great photos!

I am a Hippy Cowgirl happily married to my cattleman husband. I love my kids, I love health food stores and buying organic. said...

Yap I took these pictures, I absolutely love this old school house. It be so purty