Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Life is a daily heartattack

Ok today I am excited to anounce that drum role please.............................

I am just kidding nothing to anounce yet. Maybe in afew weeks once I get a hang of this blogging stuff. I will anounce some sort of a contest like an envelope of cow manure or something to the first bidder.

Today my youngest cowbaby and I went to town to pick up horse feed and go to Mcdonalds while my oldest cowbaby went with dad to check cows, When I got home this is the conversation I had with my sweet children.

"Leave me alone, get out of my room"

just kidding, here it is really

"Mom" my oldest cowbaby says
"Did you hear the gunshots echoeing off the hills"
"No"I said, as I stand up to yell at cowboy Pat for shooting a inocent coyote"did your DAD shoot a coyote?"
"No I shot the 22 he says beaming from ear to ear"
"what" OK at this point I cant decide wether to be mad or happy or cry or lock myself in my room and pout which I do rather well if I do say so myself
"Good babyboy" I stutter
as the night wears on and he continues to tell me about his shooting adventure I start to actually feel excited for him this is a big milestone in a little country boys life.

Talk to yah later ya'll

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