Thursday, January 29, 2009

My list of health for 2009


2009 list

1. grow a large garden and use as much of our home grown food as possible

2. Compost

3.eliminate as much waste and trash as possible

4. post more healthy recipes

5. can, can and can some more I love canning i can't wait to start doing canning posts

7. watch less TV

8. get chickens, I want chickens

9. recycle more

10. make homemade crafts

Someday list

Learn how to quilt, Cindy I will need you for this one this is a someday though

Probably never list

Become comfortably wealthy so I can afford to be more green IE solar panels etc... and so I could travel the world helping others to become more green. Seeing as how I will be a Green Goddess by then.


Donna said...

Hello there. I followed you here from the comment section of PW's blog. You live in south Missouri? I live near Kansas City. You like cows and horses? Me too. I'll be checking in from time to time.

Happy Heifer said...

Y ah we live down in the northern ozark's. I am glad you came. I love PW. I thought maybe some people would think I was trying to be like her because of the cows,horses, large ranch and super handsome cowboy husband. But I am not at all this is just me.

RoweKlan said...

go to your dashboard and then click on blogs I am following and you can add my website there you have type in the entire or just copy this and paste it in. let me know how it goes :)

Cindy H said...

Yeah, we can quilt someday. Soon I'm gonna make something using Grandmama's embroidery sewing machine...just haven't decided what yet :)

Caprice Epps, Realtor said...

Happy Heifer,
I love your Blogspot.- you are very funny! Most people don't understand that a family like yours that raises animals quite often have to go from lunch at Panderia to tryinhg to save a calve's life in just one day. Thanks for not being afraid to say, darn it died.
I love Horses and Sheep. Cows are ok. I want chickens too but have no idea how to get a coop built. Can't have them running around 'cause the dogs would eat every one of them within seconds.
Found your blog from Skywatch. You have some great pics. Enjoy the new truck and camera.
If I got money back from taxes I'd play with it too. Looking forward to catching more pics on Skywatch.
My soon to be ex and I nearly moved to Jefferson City right after we got married (17 years ago). Land there was super cheap. Didn't do it. Good thing 'cause it'd be just one more thing we have to divide up now.

Ranch Diva Rachel said...

I love your blog... and you are kind of on the track I hope to get on... when I get out of the city! But I still eat beef... and venison.

My momma cans everything from her garden and is very self-sufficient. I envy her...

(OMG! Do I actually want to be my mother??? But I fought that so hard in my teen and twenties! LOL)

Happy Heifer said...

Ranch Diva I am so with you on the fighting to completly opposite from your mother as a teenager. but now finding yourself wanting to be more like her. Megan