Friday, January 30, 2009

The adventures of Apple

This apple was the only one left in the fridge this morning
and we thought he was lonely, so we decided to let him help
us for the day.

Apple is swinging

Apple is riding a trike

Apple climbs a tree

Apple feeds the cows

Apple rides a horse

Apple is lunch
Happy Heifer


Pony Girl said...

Cute post! This gives me an idea of a fun literacy activity to do with the kids in my class!! ;)
Fun blog, I'll be back!

Donna said...

Thanks for your advice in my comment section. Unfortunately, we've already tried everything you suggested. In fact, that's how we started out in the first place: the shot, A.I. three times. And then three bulls. So obviously, it would be pretty much a miracle if she settled.

Thanks again, though!

Anonymous said...

That is so stinkin' funny!!
Glad you stopped by for a the "bagel boys" the way, they are still capable of that type of behavior when they get older too!!

The Wife said...

That was funny!