Friday, January 23, 2009

Binky's, Paci's, Suckey's and Soothies OH MY!!

I was just looking through some picture's of my boys. As I searched the file's of picture's sweat started pouring down my face, my heart began to flutter. No I was not having a heart attack I was freaking out over the fact that (gulp, groan I don't know if I want to admit this) my youngest son always and I mean always had his suck for the first 2 yrs. and 10 mo. of his life. Now I realize that I subconsciously new it at the time that he had it, but since it was literally attached to him like an appendage it became oblivious to me of it's existence.
This little stinker I call my son would look at me with his sweet eye's and say "I wan my suckey!!!" and I would cave. He has me wrapped around his little finger. He's my baby, he loved to cuddle and play with my hair, oh so sweet. OK now I want another baby ( don't panic mom I am just kidding).
Every time, and yes there was more than one, we would tried to take the suckey away he would not cuddle with me. He could not bring himself to play with my hair. He would not sit with me and I could not take it. SO he would get his suck back and then be my baby again(That could be a song).
This little boy had his suck when we went swimming, when he was riding horse's, even when dad would toss him in the creek the thing never budged from his mouth.
OK now for the bad part the little boy's teeth had a gap in them between the top and bottom's. A big gap, he could not bite anything. Thankfully he was not a biter because he would not have been very successful at it and I want him to succeed at everything.
A month or two before his third birthday, after he was completely potty trained we decided it was really time to say bye bye to the suckey. So we cut all the ends of the suckey's told him they were broke and he said " no they aren't you cut the pacifier with the scissors" yes he could say pacifier by now and could speak really well. So that did not work, then we said "Cowboy's don't suck, Suck's" He said "OK" and since he was a cowboy he decided he was done with the suck. Once in a while he would ask for it the first couple of day's. It was like watching an adult addicted to something going cold turkey. The only time he had a hard time was nap time. SO me being the perfect mother I am (hheeehhee) did not make him take a nap that first few days without his sucky. He did OK with bed time and after three or four days he had gotten back on the wagon never to fall off again.
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Natasha said...

Awwww!! I have no idea how I'm going to ween my Little Man, I hope someday it will just "happen." I was stuck on them too, and when I was 2 my mom told me the horrible story of a garbage man who's little baby needed a pacifier, and what a 'big girl' I would be if I would give it to him. I guess appealing to my generous nature worked, and I tossed it in the trash for his baby (I hope that if I was a little older this wouldn't work!). After that she said I was a 'big girl' who didn't need one, lol. Thanks for stopping by my blog!