Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Growing up sorta

I grew up in a Hippy town Ashland Or.
I was one of a very few special people in our town who liked the cowboy way of life. I liked horses and cows and I would skip school to go to the barn while everyone else skipped school to smoke pot.
No matter how far I moved from Ashland. Or How opposite I was from everyone in that town It still has a hold of me like a bad fart and has molded me into who I am today.
I love everything organic. I love the smell and vibe of health food stores and quiet little coffee shops. I believe animals have rights and should be treated with kindness and respect. I do believe though that God put animals on earth for us to use not abuse. We should use every part of that animal as well. I love wide open spaces dotted with ranches and cows. I love working cows horseback. I don't believe in killing animals for sport unless you use every part of that animal. I believe that humans are making a negative impact on earth with all our pollution. I believe global warming is happening. I wish I lived 100 years ago. My horses have to make a living. I love country dances and romance. I love to travel across the US and would like to go abroad(If I don't have to fly). I am raising my kids to have a kind heart for animals but also to know how to use a gun and be self sufficient. I am a strange one that's for sure. This next one is going to shock everyone I am a vegetarian and we get beef for free. I do cook meat for my family.

Hippy Cowgirl

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Anonymous said...

You know hippy girl Ashland still has a pull on me even after 45 years.Sometimes we will have to take a wagon train and head back west for a lil trip down memory lane.You & your favorite aunt of course!