Monday, January 26, 2009

snakes,snails and puppy dog tails

When I went to pickup my oldest boy up from pre school today he was being an absolute Meany butt. I asked him to put on his sweatshirt he punched me in my stomach, I asked him again he punched me again. I demanded he put on his sweatshirt and once again my bowl full of jelly got a beating. Flame started to shoot out my ears and my voice began to crack. I was HOT, mad, disappointed, delirious, emotional I wanted to yell and throw myself on the floor and have a nice little fit, but I kept my cool because his teacher was watching, of course!

What was going on with my boy he has never, ever been an aggressive type I could not figure it out. I was to the point of threatening, but his teacher was there and I had to keep my cool, I guess. The more I pleaded the more I got kicked or punched. Little did I now that my boy was showing off. Standing behind me was a cute little girl laughing at every punch and kick, and is he ever the little flirt. I was oblivious to the presence of this little girl since I was in fight or flight mode. I was really contemplating flight and telling his teacher I will pick MY son up tomorrow! She could keep whoevers heathen kid this is.

I finally dragged my boy out of his school tempted to drag him by his ear, but since his teacher was watching I had to keep my cool....... oh forget it I did not care anymore. Oh, when we got to the car did he ever get it I blistered his little Butt (just kidding he was already saying sorry before we even got to the car) because I told him it made me want to cry how mean he was being. He hates that line and man does it work. I am sure glad I have that option in the whole realm of discipline options. Is that even discipline? or is that black mail, who cares it works.

The black mailing mommy

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