Sunday, January 25, 2009


My sweet son, my oldest boy he is inequitably, undeniably, unusually, crazily, weirdly, absolutely obsessed with the Titanic. Yes that is right that big boat that sank, I don't know how many years ago. Wait just a minute and I will go ask him.......... OK Iam back it sank 97 years ago.

A little over a year ago I took him to a Titanic exhibit at a museum he was absolutely in awe. I thought at the time how cute. Now I cringe and my face starts to take on this new shape, a strange shape, it is like I am trying to be supportive and understanding but I am incredibly annoyed every time his lips even quiver the words titanic. I can even tell by the look on his face that we are about to have a 3 hr marathon full of Titanic questions.

I know I should be enthralled at the fact that my son who is 5 wants to know about history. I am glad that he does want to learn things but, OH MAN has it gotten old.

Ok now for my bad mommy moment we finally broke down and bought him the movie, Titanic you know with Kate Wins let and Leonardo DiCaprio. He saw the movie on a wal-mart shelf( here I go talking about wal-mart again I need a life) so I bought it. He loves it, he wants to watch it everyday (we don't let him of course). He even likes the part when the ship is breaking apart and people are falling, yeah, he likes it. His grandma(Patrick's mom) won't even watch that part. We let him watch the whole thing(except we did fast forward through a few parts). SCARY!!!!!! I thought OK maybe now the questions and Titanic marathons will end. Nope, he just asks more questions like " why did the captain not turn the ship" " how come the ice burg is bigger under the water" " how come the ship was unsinkable" " where's the north Atlantic" " I want to take a cruise to the north Atlantic" " How come they did not put the anchor down? that would have stopped the ship" " how come everyone wanted the necklace". We explained to him the movie was not what really happened and he understands most of the time. He knows Leonardo did not die. But since this is a daily conversation in our house he sometimes gets the real facts and the movie mixed up.

Does anyone else have kids with obsessions or am I the only one? Echo Echo Echo Echo I guess I am.

Let me know your kid's obsessions if you want to share.

I am the bahumbugger of the Titanic

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