Friday, January 23, 2009


This is my husband PAtrick he is a Cowboy. He does not like to be called that though he wants to be called a cattleman. And boy is he ever. Just yesterday I watched him in action trying to help a cow having trouble calving. The cow was in distress the calf had two feet back and was dead. A bad combination seeing as though its difficult to deliver a calf with two feet back that has not been dead a day or so. Add in the mix the combination of a bloated, dead, smelly body you have a problem. Patrick handled it with grace and charisma he is a calm, quiet man that excels in situations of stress. He worked on the cow by using a calf jack to pull out the calf. The cow would have a contraction he would crank it was like a dance. Once in awhile he would reassure her and say "come on girl" It's sweet seeing a man with his arm in the backside of a cow saying "you can do" puts it all in perspective for me. He loves what he is doing it's not just a job to him he cares for these cows all 7,000 of them Ok maybe not all of them I have seen him crack a smile at several old mean man eating cows that got sent to the cull pen.
PEACE OUT Megan I love my cattleman husband


tiff1915 said...
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tiff1915 said...

AHHHH....I miss the good old days of pulling a few day old dead calf. Smells like ham to me! haha! Seriously it does! I think you once agreed with me! You have a good man right there! I miss you all! And so do my horses feet:)!