Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Panera Bread

Today the boys and I went to Panera Bread. My boys are wild children among wild children so it is a feat in itself to go anywhere, let alone a hip place like Panera Bread.

Once we were there the boys were being wild, and my hopes and dreams of savoring every bite of my Greek salad and veggie sandwich were slowly being flushed down the pooper.
Just then my simple mind had an idea. I will get them bagels and there own packets of cream cheese and let them have a blast (my kids are easily entertained). I was slowly devising a way to plunge my hopes and dreams back out of the sewers.

My skillfully devised plan worked spreading the cream cheese on a bagel quietly occupies a three and five year old for a good twenty minutes. In my small, strange world twenty minutes is plenty of time to enjoy a tasty Greek salad and a veggie sandwich.

Watch as the child concentrates on just the exact placement of his cream cheese, genius.

Oh and he has played a difficult card. He will be hard to beat!

This face might win the game!

Nope this won and we are going home, NOW!

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nature person said...

I am truly amazed at the great pictures you take.
The one with the bagel hole is very very good. What camera did you use? The pictures and the stories are to me really good. More people should see them!