Saturday, January 31, 2009

Mexican eggs

Around here we love Mexican food and even for
breakfast we like to spice up our eggs a little!!

First you will need 8 -12 eggs depending how many
folks you are feeding. Then grab some butter or olive oil if you
are wanting a healthier version. Get one Medium green bell pepper dice and get one medium onion and dice. Next put butter or olive oil in skillet a couple of dashes of olive oil or 2 table spoons butter. Add bell pepper and onion to already heated oil cook until softened and a little grilled. To this mixture add 1/2 tablespoon taco seasoning, 1 teaspoon garlic powder or chopped garlic. When vegetables are done and seasonings mixed in, add eggs that have already been beeten ( is that even a word) then using spachuala (what is that) cook until eggs are done. Put eggs on a plate top with lots of shredded cheese and salsa and wrap in tortillas and enjoy!!!!

8-12 brown eggs medium bell pepper
small-medium onion
taco seasoning
garlic powder or minced fresh garlic
salt and pepper to taste
shredded cheddar cheese

Healthy ingredients:
10 brown egg whites and 3 yolks
olive oil
no cheese
whole wheat tortillas

Happy Heifer


The Wife said...

Yummo! I'm usually too lazy. I make an egg white omelette and pour salsa on it!

So glad you dropped by my blog! We moved about 2 1/2 years ago from a rural cattle area to a rural farm/city area. It was very hard for me and the husband to adjust. No one around that knew anything about cattle or rodeo. We have been breeding rodeo stock for several years now. Growing every year. One day we hope to quit our "day" jobs and just ranch.

Come back and see me anytime!

nature person said...

Great food photos HHH! But next time I want to see the finished product!!! Ha Ha.
You are just having way to much fun with that new camera!

DVM's Wife said...

I'm a big eggs, bacon kind of gal so liked this idea of a little mexican thrown in. Did I mention I love Mexican food?
Your apple adventures cracked me up! Cute pics!
Thanks for stopping by my blog. My husband is a mixed animal practice type of vet. He loves the large animal part, mostly craves bovine, but deals with equine due to his horse crazed wife and daughter. We have just 15 head right now of Reg Angus and some Holstein/Angus beef cows right now. Would love more cattle roaming around here, but on 40 acres, we are stretched. Yeah it is just a hobby, but so nice to have a freezer full of real beef! Stop by anytime!