Friday, February 27, 2009

Sky watch Fridays Ocean sunset and storm

My mom took these photos on monday, they are of the pacific ocean in Oregon
I like the rays in the last one. The man and his dog in the very bottom of the first one and the colors are very pretty. With the first one it is like you have a beautiful photo with a surprise hidden in it.
Happy Heifer

Monday, February 23, 2009

Answer to sundays fun game

Nature person was pretty close except, I secretly flew to California to take the picture of the Elk in a blazing wild fire instead of Colorado.

Just Kidding, are there even Elk in California?

The picture was of a outside fire pit. It had a metal ring around it with Elk all the way around. Noone guessed right on but, everyone who guessed fire place was pretty close and you all win good thoughts from me!! ;P

I know it is an outstanding, thoughtful, expensive gift. Don't get too over whelmed with the greatness of it. I would not want anyone having a heart attack or anything. ;P

;P ;P ;P I am really winking and sticking my tongue out it is a weird twitch I have ;P ;P

Happy Heifer

Sunday, February 22, 2009


We just had a major, heart wrenching, blood pressure raising, pee your pants kind of scare at the Heifer House. I was in the kitchen being the domestic (not) goddess that I am whipping up some homemade Pesto and a completely raw homemade coleslaw. When I hear some dreaded words spoken by my oldest boy " we just let girl cat in and she brought something in with her" " so" I say because I am a nice mommy. I was thinking she probably has a prickle Bur stuck to her or something. Then His voice intensifies with pure excitement and exhilaration " NO IT IS ALIVE" "WHAT" I scream (I have always been very good with words, NOT). As I stand in the kitchen I contemplate my next move, will I just run out of the opposite door or will I actually be a good example for my boys and be brave. I decided to TRY to be brave. I practiced my breathing exercise and gave my self a good pep talk. I peeked my head around the corner into the dining room were I here boys laughing and dancing. I see girl cat and she has nothing I breath and wipe the sweat from my brow. I was thinking the boys had just played a trick on me and girl cat had not brought anything thing in. Always being the optimist sometimes does not work out so well. I then notice that girl cat is acting a little strange running around the dining room from one box of stuff to the next. I then start to panic again and my eye starts to twitch as it does in stressful situations. I realize that there is something in the house and it is alive and I am scared so I slowly step into the dining room. I start screaming and laughing because that is what I do even though I still I have no idea WHAT is in my house. The optimist in me kicks in and I think at least it is not a bird it is probably just a mouse, right. Patrick finally wakes from his mid morning nap and comes to see why the boys and I are dancing around the dining room screaming. I tell him that the cat has brought something in and it is alive. He and his calm butt go over to the box were girl cat is and begins to move it. Out runs a stinkin, dadgummed, pretty little RAT yes a RAT. I personally like rats, not wild ones loose in your house though. I start screaming and jumping now as the rat rounds the corner and heads towards our bedroom. Girl cat is fast on its trail, Patrick is right behind her and two dancing boys behind him. I am huddled in a ball in the dining room hoping it will all end. But then I start feeling sorry for the rat and want to safely let him loose out side. So I yell at Patrick "don't let girl cat get it" He yells back "she is a cat and this is the only thing they are good for" then I see the whole parade headed back my way again rat, cat, Patrick and dancing boys. So I quickly open the back door expecting to let the rat loose to live a long happy life outside. Out shoots Rat then cat I grab cat still screaming because I don't want her to eat the rat. I think the rat is home free. Then all of a sudden one of my outside cats catches him as soon as he clears the deck. Patrick tells me to leave it be and finish lunch because he is hungry. I tell him "no" I will save the rat, and I run outside in nothing but a T-shirt on and start chasing a cat with a rat around the yard. Every time the cat stops the rat gets loose. I run and yell at the cat but he catches the stinkin rat every time. Now the cat is growling at me every time I come near. Finally I think I have an opportunity to scoop up the rat in a cup when another wild cat comes snatches and takes off under the house. I was so mad, cold, frustrated but extremely happy because the Rat was not in the house. We all started laughing at me and my stinkin self when we got back in the house.

Happy Heifer

Fun Sunday Game

How was I able to take a picture like this? Take a guess and post your answers. This is Just for fun and because I would like to see if anyone can guess it.

Happy Heifer

Thursday, February 19, 2009

SKY WATCH FRIDAYS SUNSET and reflection of the heart

I did not do any editing on these photos they are all the originals. All I did was crop a little. I love what the sun can do. I also love this horse one because the sky is so blue and reflects in the eye.
Happy Heifer

Trip Down a Lane, Memory Lane location Platte SD

Who in the world would let there children run around outside with only underwear on? Let alone let them play in the mud. Whoever the parent is of these two children should be punished.
Oh how I miss diapers, NOT!!!!!

We are raising a tree hugger! We started him out early!

I really miss these sweet little moments, Oh wait he still does this daily!!!

Delicate little, precious, angel, cowboy, baby!!

Handsome tree hugging, cowboy.
Happy Heifer

Cabbage Salad

This cabbage salad is so good! I eat it whenever I am dieting or just feeling in the mood for something light.

2 medium apples chopped
1 tablespoon lemon juice
1 cup light miracle whip
2 tablespoons cumin seeds
2 teaspoons salt
4 teaspoons pepper
1 tablespoon red wine vinegar
6 cups shredded cabbage green
2 cups shredded red cabbage
3 cup dried cranberries

In a bowl combine apples and lemon juice. In another bowl combine miracle whip, cumin seeds, salt and pepper whisk in vinegar.
In a large bowl, combine the cabbages cranberries and apples Add dressing and toss together cover and refrigerate for at least one hour.

What have we been up to you ask- well absolutely nothing!! Yesterday we took Dustin to preschool. While he was at school I contemplated the reasons for him going to preschool and if I should just home school him. Then I decided that was not a rash decision I should make in an hour.

Cason and I came home cleaned the house.We Went up to the barn and investigated the body of a dead ground hog so we could find the cause of death. We fed the horses. I went for a walk while Cason went and helped Patrick with moving a hay ring.

I grilled Patrick on the cause of the ground hogs demise. Myself being an animal CSI decided cause of death was gun shot wound. When I put Patrick on the witness stand he confessed to knowing who the murderer was. It was the ranches hay man he speared the ground hog with a hay spear on the tractor. Patricks suspects it was on purpose due to the fact of who he is.

Patrick had to shoe three horses last night when he got off work. He was very stiff when he came home. I made him a egg, tomatoe, bacon, cheese and mayonnaise sandwich they were huge and he ate two at 9:30 at night. If I took a bite of such a fattening sandwich at 9;30 at night I would gain a thousand pounds.

Why borrow money, just learn to be more frugal, it is not a good feeling being owned by the lenders, and that is all I have to say on that.

Today I need to clean the house like always. play with my boys. cook something for cowboy church tonight. Read my bible. Go for a walk even though it is only 20 degrees outside.

At The Church we attended in south Dakota, all its members are popping out baby's like rabbits. That church was so wonderful and now they probably have more kids than adults, literally. We are so happy for everyone!

Once again I cannot put new pictures on my computer so I will spend part of today figuring out the problem.

My composting project has officially begun. I have everything mixed and ready to start working. Now it just needs to warm up again. All the moisture from the frozen stuff will help it decompose better when it does warm up.

I am trying to recycle better. I try not to throw things away and reuse what I can but since we live in the sticks there is not a recycling center nearby. That causes a problem because I am going to start recycling everything not just the things I am reusing. I don't really want A yard or house full of trash so I will have to find someplace to take all this stuff.

So that pretty much sums it up. I shall continue today with the prosecution of the ground hog killer. I will recycle and compost. I might clean my house, Probably not. We will go to cowboy church. I will continue to consider homeschooling, I think Dustin and I will benefit from it. I will do my research. I will work on getting my photos up and go to cowboy church. I shall leave you with a poem

My blog is like a box of chocolates you never know what your going to get

That is a poem isn't it ;P

Happy Heifer

Monday, February 16, 2009

Hypochondriac Kitty

Hey did you here about how bad the economy is?
Yeah it is getting pretty bad around here. Our meal this morning only consisted of cat food. Yuck who eats cat food anymore. You won't see me eating cat food very long!
OH NOOOO what are the signs of a stroke? I think I am having a stroke some one call 911 now. I am having a stroke people can't you tell. I have all the classic symptoms. Slurred speech see " meeoossseeee" it is slurred. I am numb on one side. I am starting to panic here I caaaaaan'tttt Breaaaaath FOOOOOFOOOFOOOOFOOOO I am hyperventilating someone needs to take action now!!
It is getting worse I guess I am just going to lay down and die while you watch and take pictures. Lady you are suppose to care for me I need your help. I can't be alone, don't leave me alone It is getting dark, I see the light. The time has come.

BUUUUURRRRPPPPP Oh it was just a burp I am OK!! I will be fine no thanks to you.
Happy Heifer

Funny Boys

Funny quotes from funny boys- Older boy sits in car kicking the back of the seat mom says "stop"! Boy does not stop. Mom demands he stops boy does not stop. Mom says "I am going to turn this car around". Younger boy chimes in "mom you said the wrong words, you were suppose to say I am going to pull this car over and pop your butt".

More funny quotes from funny boys- Older boy says "Mom Cason is inconsiderate" Older boy thinks for a minute "what does inconsiderate mean" mom says it means you don't care about peoples feelings Older boy says "OK I am considerate and Cason is inconsiderate"

Younger boy, older boy and mom are in a vets office. The vet is looking at our Homer Dog. The vet says SHE sure is a nice dog. Younger boy in a deep, deep voice says NOO HEE ISS A MAAAN. Everyone falls on the floor laughing younger boy screams THAT IS NOT FUUUNNNNNNYYYYYY. Everyone laughs more.
Older boy is very intellectual and thinks about things a lot. Yesterday he was pondering why he farts.
Older boy just came in my room and asked "why do a mom and dad have to be a boy and girl"
Patricks answer uuhhhhhhh

We were in wal-mart the other day and my oldest boy asked for a toy I said no we don't have any money in the bank he said "Just write a check"
Currently the two boys are walking around wearing my clothes and my exercise weights
When youngest boy throws a fit he sends himself to the corner and when he is done he says "mommy I am done with my fit" It is nice when your kids discipline themselves.
Oldest boy learned his colors by memorizing different tractors. We would hold up a green card and he would say "John Deere" we would hold up a blue card and he would say "ford" red card he would say "internationash" When he started going to nursery school his teacher asked him his colors and all he would say is different tractors. She thought he was special (not in a good way)
Happy Heifer

Sunday, February 15, 2009

What I got for valentine's day!!!! Don't read if you tend to get a little green eyed

This spectacular, wonderful, amazing, cowboy husband of mine. He blew my socks off this valentines day. He is so romantic and sweet. I could not have asked for a better valentines day present. The shear thought he put into this was mind blowing. I am going to have a hard time showing the picture because it will bring up all the emotion I felt yesterday when I first received this wonderful gift. I would not trade my husband or this gift for the world. OK I'll go ahead and show you please don't send me hate mail because you are jealous!

Here it is, oh ,oooh, ahhhhh, so beautiful I know

What there is NOTHING there I will have to fix this!!

OK how about now can you see it? Still NOTHING. HUH I sure dreamed I got something spectacular!

Happy Heifer

Random Pics for a beautiful sunday

Wuper Whorse and the ware


Whay barn

Friday, February 13, 2009

Cowboy Dan rides again

Little did I know that something as simple as a children’s book would be one of the sole reasons why my life is the way it is.

"Cowboy Dan" is a wonderful children’s book. It has filled many children’s minds with riding the range on their trusty side kick capturing bad guys and sleeping under the stars. One of those many children who loved "Cowboy Dan" and all he stood for was a cute little toe headed boy from Tennessee.
This boy was shy, quiet and a cowboy. He would spend his days playing in the sand box and his nights snuggled up next to his mom or dad listening to "Cowboy Dan" over and over. He had every word memorized so no matter how tired mom and dad were they could not skip a page. The toe head with his bowl cut and perfect little legs did not dress the part of the cowboy though. Being the first born son he got to wear sailor suits and knee stockings.
He had an older sister who really wanted a baby sister, on a semi regular basis this little boy (much to his protest) dressed like a little girl. His sister loved this boy, they shared everything and even though the tough older sister liked to dress up the little boy, neither of them are in therapy (yet). The bond between brother and sister grew strong and soon she was reading him "Cowboy Dan".
This little boy soon started to grow and began to slowly live his dreams of being a cowboy. He started spending less time in the sand box and dressing up like a girl (because now he could beat up his tough older sister) and more time helping out on the farm. He even was allowed to stop wearing his knee socks. This boy was now a hand around the farm, he would help his dad plant, harvest and work cows.
The boy was now a teenager and was very active in his schools FFA and then became president and spent a lot time out at the schools farm (even when he was suppose to be in English). This teenager still had dreams, dreams of rambling, roaming around to see all the wide open spaces. He wanted to work as a cowboy on ranches in the wild untamed west. This teenager had dreams and soon his dreams were fulfilled and he began working on ranches and became a top hand.
He soon was to take a job on an operation in Wyoming. Little did he know that he would meet his future bride. Little did she know that the book that was so loved by a little toe headed boy would be what shaped her future husband.

"He's a rootin' tootin' cowboy
and his name is cowboy Patrick
he can ride a horse and rope a steer
as fast as any man-"
Happy Heifer
Patrick's mom and dad are visiting for the weekend and they brought Patrick's favorite book. They want our boys to enjoy hours of reading "Cowboy Dan" just like Patrick did. This is not Patrick's book they found this one on e-bay Patrick's book got worn out years ago!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sky watch friday's sunset

This was a beautiful sunset! The Lord was showing us his glory over our little barn a couple days ago. These pictures are not doctored in anyway no photoshop or anything this is what we saw!

Happy Heifer

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Patrick's services

Today Patrick got a phone call from a neighbor who has a jersey milk cow named Hershey. Our neighbor Jan loves Hershey. They have a bond that not many people share with a cow. Hershey was having trouble calving and Jan did not know what to do. Jan asked Patrick to come and help. When Patrick arrived it was obvious to him that Hershey was in a bit of a pickle her calf was breech and both back feet were back (coming tail first). Jan's husband and son had been working on getting the calf out for some time but to no avail. Patrick brought a calf puller and had the calf out pretty quick. It was to late for the calf. Everyone was very worried about Hershey though because she would not get up Patrick was worried she had exhausted herself or worse yet she was paralyzed. Jan was so worried about Hershey that she could not even be out at the barn she was sure Hershey was facing certain demise. They were able to finally coax Hershey up with some food, Hershey loves food. Jan finally came down to the barn and saw that hershey was Ok. She was very relieved that her best friend was going to be Ok. Patrick would not accept any kind of payment of course, but Jan insisted he atleast take a dozen farm fresh eggs. You cannot leave Jan's house without some sort of a home grown treat.

Its funny how on a regular basis we deal with this same sort of thing. But when it is a friends cow and that cow is not only a milk cow she is a best friend, how everyone even a burly tough skinned ranch hand like Patrick let's it touch his heart. Even if for just a second.
Happy Heifer

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

STEP 1- Compost pile

Today while I was checking out my gardening spot and contemplating the future, I began to think about the steps I need to take to have a successful garden. I decided it would be great to document all my steps on here for my entertainment and yours(trust me it will be entertaining).

Also while I was in the midst of contemplating all that is life I gazed up at the clouds It was so peaceful and tranquil then a bird pooped on me and I screamed and cried. Then I realized life likes to poop on you sometimes but then you need to just take that poop and make a garden.

Step Numeral uno- Starting a compost pile

If you are like me and never picked up a rake last year and your yard is still full of leaves or maybe you have piles of grass, leave and debris clippings laying around these will be extremely helpful in the building of our compost piles.

First you need to decide where you want your compost pile then decide if you want it just a pile or you actually want to build a box. I would suggest putting the pile near a water faucet and in a somewhat shady, damp area.

OK a compost pile needs to be at least 3x3x3 feet the pile or the box. If you are building a box no need for a bottom just make the sides 3 feet tall by 3 feet wide. A pile this size will make a good amount of beautiful black soil.

Ingredients to start- If you have horses or cattle you probably already have an enormous compost pile out in a pasture somewhere, that smokes everytime it is cold, perfect. Let's condense that down though, so you can use your food wastes and have that pretty black dirt.

You will need to gather all your carbon rich "brown" materials like straw or hay,dead leaves, cornstalks or newspapers shredded.Next you want "green" materials like manure, fresh yard clippings, kitchen food everything except meat. These "green" products are all nitrogen rich.

Now I realize for some it will be difficult to have all these materials and have enough to make a 3x3 pile or fill a bin. That's OK that's why we are starting now. It may take you a few weeks to get your compost working. Just follow the basic ideas as you build your pile.

You will also need some soil. Garden soil would be best. Just a nice loose soil free of rocks, because these rocks will allow to much oxygen to get to the black gold in the middle of the pile.

Now it is time to build your compost pile. Start with a layer of the "brown" pretty thick a couple of inches would be best. Then a few inches of the "greens" cover the "browns". Next add a thin layer of soil. Now add a layer of the carbon rich "brown's".

Continue layering until you get to the size you want (at least 3 feet high) if it takes you awhile that's OK. Make sure you have more "brown" than "green" a basic ratio.

To get the fastest results you want to turn your pile every 10 days or so. Just use a pitchfork and turn the top layer to the center. You will also want to keep your pile moist. Do not soak it though. It would be best to keep your pile covered with a tarp or lid to regulate the moisture it receives. After a while you will begin to notice creatures living in your pile that is good. And you will soon notice the center is full of nice black gold. Once you get enough of the black gold add it to your flower pots or vegetable garden.

I am going to build a compost bin tomorrow just a basic one. This will be interesting for sure. My first handyman project, since I attempted to build a TV stand 4 years ago that broke after 3 days. I am a little scared! Patrick will definitely be scared.

Things you don't want in your compost bin:::::

You don't want an excessive amount of wood ash. A little would be fine in large compost bins because it has trace elements that are good for plants. But to much will cause the PH to rise too much and will be bad for acid loving plants. If you have wood ash a better use for it would be to spread a thin layer over your garden spot a month before you plant. Also don't apply wood ash at the same time as a organic nitrogen fertilizer.

Don't put cat litter in a compost pile

dog pooh is a no, no all around

chemically treated grass clippings, yuck!!

Meat, fat, bones

I am excited to get started on my compost pile, how about you, lets go. OK not now because it is raining here.

Happy Heifer

Today's thoughts from a (fill in the blank)

I started working on this flag a few months back. I don't have a sewing machine so I am sewing it all by hand. I got the idea from a few I have seen in magazines. I really like the look and can't wait to get it done. Since I am the worlds best at starting something and not finishing it has been awhile since I have worked on it. I decided today that I will start again and FINISH IT!!

You can kinda get the general idea I think with this picture. Obviously I have not touched it in a while because of all the wrinkles. It is going to be a decent size and when I am done I am going to hand stitch a scripture or the pledge of allegiance on it. I will then hang it with loops at the top that are wrapped over an old piece of barn wood. I just recently found etsy and I absolutely love handmade things I thought maybe I could sell a couple on there first of course I would have to finish the first one!! Has anyone ran across someone else who makes these on there? If so is it OK to sell the same things on there as someone else?
I can not wait to start canning. Last year was my first official year to really can and preserve. I don't have a pressure cooker so I did all mine in a hot water bath. The only thing that I did that needed to be pressure cooked was green beans. I went over to a friends house to do those. I canned apple pie filling, apple sauce, apple butter, pear butter (which was absolutely divine). I will share the recipe soon!! Spaghetti sauce(not so good, I mix it with stuff I should have followed a recipe), salsa (again should have followed a recipe) It is good but not very spicy, stewing tomatoes, tomatoes and onions, tomato sauce. It was such a job but so rewarding!! I had a hard time eating and using everything at first because I liked looking in my pantry and seeing all the jars. Then I was worried I would give my family botulism because I was sure the things would not work because I did them, lack of self confidence or something. Then Patrick who has a stomach of steel said "those things are closed perfect and I am not afraid" so he started in on some of it and since he did not die, I went ahead and started letting the kids eat the stuff. I still inspect every jar meticulously though.

Today I am going to go to a neighbors and collect a bunch of old barn wood and tin because I am going to use it to make crafts and things. Once I figure It all out I will show everyone.
I am also going to plan my garden. It won't be huge but will have what we need. I will still buy a lot of bulk produce from the local Amish community. This year I am going to can so much more, and I can not wait!!
On a green note- We live in a house provided by my husbands ranch job. They also pay our utility's. Which is wonderful but since we don't pay our own electricity bill it makes it hard to remember to turn out the lights for the environment. I have been working on remembering it though and especially turning off the heat until it is absolutely necessary for survival to have on (OK not that extreme but I am trying). I don't use many lights during the day and in the evenings we only use what we need and turn them down. I do leave my computer on all day though. Since I am computer illiterate about most things I was wondering if it is OK to turn it off or unplug it when not in use? Anyone know the best way to handle that?

Happy Heifer

Monday, February 9, 2009


I know this picture is actually, technically, suppose to be a bad picture because it is all blurry and stuff. But I thought I would have an artsy fartsy mind and give it a chance so I put it in black and white. I actually being the artsy fartsy intellectual that I am, like it. I don't know call me crazy, Patrick does on a daily basis.

I can now upload pictures! Not from my new camera but I just put my card into my old camera and upload. I am not very quick it took me a few days to figure that option out. I am so glad to get pictures on here again. That all makes it better now that I can put pictures on. I am starting to come out of my state of denial though and I am starting to realize that the whole thing with Homer T. was not a dream and that he is sick and that I don't know how I will handle it. OK I am done, tears are starting to roll. I will be strong!!

All I can say is yummmmmm

I can not decide which one I like better. The one with the horses face that is in focus and the saddle out of focus or the one with the horses face out of focus and the saddle in focus.
I think the horses face in focus and the saddle out.

Happy Heifer

Ropin on a saturday night

This is Larry on Gold warming up for a fun night of tracking calves

Patrick took his super deluxe, high powered, 0-60 in nothing flat Ranch horse to a roping on Saturday. Doc the super horse is a coal backed bucking son of a mare. Patrick loves him unconditionally. Even now that he got injured and retired and bucks every time Patrick first gets on him because we don't use him enough. Patrick still loves him. His love for me is not unconditionally, oh there are conditions, definitely conditions!! He loves me more than the horse I promise, he really does, I am sure of it, he does, I think.

Patrick and Doc what a pair

The calves were new calves and had never been roped so they just tracked them. Which was good for Doc and the calves. Doc does not really need to worked very hard because he still favors his bad leg once in awhile. Doc loves to work though, I have never seen a horse love his job as much as that one. He does not like arena work but I'll have to admit out in the pasture he is a super star.

Handsome cowboy scratching his bottomminy

This picture and the one before I took right after Doc bucked with Patrick. Yah, bucked not crow hopped. It is quite the show when Doc bucks with Patrick because Doc is so powerful and Patrick is so sticky it is a pretty, harshly, beautiful dance. Doc is an honest bucker. He will only try you when he is fresh and not getting work everyday. Now that he is on retirement he is fresh every time we ride him. I use we very, very loosely I don't ride Doc because i would get bucked off in a heart beat.

OK I would never ever in a million years admit this to Patrick but I kinda like his old super horse. Don't tell him though because he hates my palomino mare and it is only fair that I hate his horse too. That is the key to a good marriage, keeping it real and making sure you don't like each others horses.
Happy Heifer