Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sky watch friday's sunset

This was a beautiful sunset! The Lord was showing us his glory over our little barn a couple days ago. These pictures are not doctored in anyway no photoshop or anything this is what we saw!

Happy Heifer


Pony Girl said...

Lovely! Great one with the barbed wire.
Happy weekend (almost! :)

Dawn said...

Gorgeous shots!

It looks like a painting...

Happy Friday..almost!


nature person said...

We are home! Great sunsets, sure alot better than my skywatch photos. Sure can't beat those!!!! The one with the barbed wire is so creative. You really have an eye for photography. I took some sky pictures but they are mostly just clouds. Guess I will start my own blog to put my photos on. Talk to you soon

Guy D said...

Wow pretty much all the colors of the rainbow, great shots.

Have a great weekend!
Regina In Pictures

The Wife said...

LOVE the barbwire shot!

I laughed about your comment on my blog. I did the same EXACT thing. Went out to feed in my leather pull on shoes. Got all muddy and went back for the mud boots. I thought to myself, you are such a retard, you drove home in 4X4 but you didn't think the pens would be muddy!

This DVM's Wife's Life said...

Wow! What pretty sunsets! Great pictures!

Caprice said...

The shot of the sky with the barb wire in the forefront is probably the best shot I've seen so far today on SWF. Thanks for sharing!

Debi Kelly Van Cleave said...

Wait a minute, trying to go green and organic on a cattle ranch and eating pasta and couscous? Do the ranchers even know what couscous is? lol Isn't this an oxymoron?

Seriously, I popped over because you stumbled onto mine and I'm impressed. I like it that you're a little bit hippie, like me, but you're also a cowgirl. Like me. But mostly I'm impressed that you are so happy and positive. It made me feel good. I will be back to read some more and get a little more sunshine...

D said...

Amazing, all of them. The barbed wire is my favorite too.

Anonymous said...

Saw your post on Pony Girl's blog.

All of your information about composting is right on!
I don't know what part of the county you are in but this website may help you:

Also, I noticed that there were blue plastic barrels in one of your recent posts... they make wonderful rainwater catchment systems because if you drill a hole in one you can screw a faucet or other brass fitting into them with no leaks to connect them together. They also make wonderful compost bins because you can put a door on them easily and roll them to mix the composting material instead of having to shovel it by hand. I've got six like this.

Pat is a great man to have tried his best to save the calf... glad he saved the cow.

Garlic Man
Jack County, Texas

Happy Heifer said...

Thanks everyone!!!!!!!!! Everyone made my heart sing today!!! Debi- I am so a oxymoron and a contradiction of terms. I am glad to see there are a couple of us hippy cowgirls out there!

Garlic Man thank you so much great advice I was goin to use an old wood dog kennel as my compost bin and post it on here but I am now going to use one of those barrels!!! I also like the idea of useing it for rain water. I will probably gather a barrel up tonight and post about it being a compost bin tommorow.
so glad you came Love Love Love advice because I am on a JOURNEY and need all the info I can

Babooshka said...

These are incredible.

Tammie Lee said...

These are amazing images of a breathtaking sunset!