Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Today's thoughts from a (fill in the blank)

I started working on this flag a few months back. I don't have a sewing machine so I am sewing it all by hand. I got the idea from a few I have seen in magazines. I really like the look and can't wait to get it done. Since I am the worlds best at starting something and not finishing it has been awhile since I have worked on it. I decided today that I will start again and FINISH IT!!

You can kinda get the general idea I think with this picture. Obviously I have not touched it in a while because of all the wrinkles. It is going to be a decent size and when I am done I am going to hand stitch a scripture or the pledge of allegiance on it. I will then hang it with loops at the top that are wrapped over an old piece of barn wood. I just recently found etsy and I absolutely love handmade things I thought maybe I could sell a couple on there first of course I would have to finish the first one!! Has anyone ran across someone else who makes these on there? If so is it OK to sell the same things on there as someone else?
I can not wait to start canning. Last year was my first official year to really can and preserve. I don't have a pressure cooker so I did all mine in a hot water bath. The only thing that I did that needed to be pressure cooked was green beans. I went over to a friends house to do those. I canned apple pie filling, apple sauce, apple butter, pear butter (which was absolutely divine). I will share the recipe soon!! Spaghetti sauce(not so good, I mix it with stuff I should have followed a recipe), salsa (again should have followed a recipe) It is good but not very spicy, stewing tomatoes, tomatoes and onions, tomato sauce. It was such a job but so rewarding!! I had a hard time eating and using everything at first because I liked looking in my pantry and seeing all the jars. Then I was worried I would give my family botulism because I was sure the things would not work because I did them, lack of self confidence or something. Then Patrick who has a stomach of steel said "those things are closed perfect and I am not afraid" so he started in on some of it and since he did not die, I went ahead and started letting the kids eat the stuff. I still inspect every jar meticulously though.

Today I am going to go to a neighbors and collect a bunch of old barn wood and tin because I am going to use it to make crafts and things. Once I figure It all out I will show everyone.
I am also going to plan my garden. It won't be huge but will have what we need. I will still buy a lot of bulk produce from the local Amish community. This year I am going to can so much more, and I can not wait!!
On a green note- We live in a house provided by my husbands ranch job. They also pay our utility's. Which is wonderful but since we don't pay our own electricity bill it makes it hard to remember to turn out the lights for the environment. I have been working on remembering it though and especially turning off the heat until it is absolutely necessary for survival to have on (OK not that extreme but I am trying). I don't use many lights during the day and in the evenings we only use what we need and turn them down. I do leave my computer on all day though. Since I am computer illiterate about most things I was wondering if it is OK to turn it off or unplug it when not in use? Anyone know the best way to handle that?

Happy Heifer


Cowgirly said...

Hey there- first of all, the flag project is awesome!

As for the computer, I shut mine down every day and then unplug. You can also go into power settings (In Windows XP go to Start > Control Panel > Power Options) to set it up to go into 'sleep' or 'standby' mode when you've been inactive on it for a certain amount of times (30 minutes or whatever) so that it uses less power when sitting but doesn't shut down completely.

The reccomendation is to set it for 15 minutes, that is supposed to save the most energy overall. Also, screensavers do not save energy and it does not wear out a computer to shut it down and restart (read that online).

Having everything (computer, internet modem, printer) on a powerstrip helps because it's easier to unplug one thing :)

Happy Heifer said...

Thanks cowgirly I will definitely start doing that with my computer Megan