Wednesday, February 4, 2009

SAD CAT STORY warning kleenex maybe needed(for me)

When we moved into this house we are living in now there was a wild mam ma cat who had been left here by one of the other ranch workers. No one was feeding her and when we got here she was awful looking. She also had a litter of sickly looking kittens. They were all so wild, but me being the animal lover that I am started feeding her. She started looking better and eventually moved her self and her two remaining kittens under our house. I had no problem with it but Patrick being the cat hating man that he is was not thrilled with the situation.

I contemplated and worried on a daily basis what I was going to do with this wild cat situation. I am one who is always been all for getting your animals spayed and neutered. I even took our neighbors cat and all her kittens to get them fixed when we lived in South Dakota then gave her back half the kittens at no charge. They weren't wild though so it was much easier. I contemplated and worried for too long though because mam ma cat had another pile of kittens under the house this time since they were all getting fed well they all did fine one of her older kittens also had a kitten. So I found myself in a disheartening situation. I now had nine wild cats living under my house, and mam ma cat and her older kitten were pregnant again. I could not figure out what to do. No local no kill shelters would take wild cats and if I took them to the pound they would gas them immediately. So once again mam ma cat and her older kitten had kittens. This time mam ma cat had, I don't even know how many and her kitten had at least four. Oh my stinkin poop I have a problem.
In December PAtrick the boys and I went to Tn. for an early Christmas.
As soon as we returned home from Tn. I called for my cats only one barely peaked his head out from under the house. I thought that's weird even though they are wild they would always come out when I call. At that moment I new something was wrong. I went in and asked Patrick if he had someone come kill my cat's while we were gone. He said no and that he did not know what happened to my cats. It was late so we went ahead and went to bed I figured they would all be there in the AM. The next morning I got up went out to call my cats again this time I had food. Two cats came out, I new something had gone down. Some kind of hit on my cats had been accomplished. I once again asked Patrick if he new what happened to my cats. He said NO. Patrick went on to work and I proceeded to call my cats to no avail only three came out this time. When Patrick came home for lunch I trapped him. I asked him "so how did they kill my cats" his face changed and I knew he knew. He said that while we were gone in TN our neighbor called and said "I can fix your cat problem as long as her house cat is in the house". Patrick told him the house cat was in the house and the light was green.
I could not believe it my eyes weld up with tears. At first I was mad at Patrick how could he do this, And then lie to me for a whole day. Then I realized it was not Patrick's fault he has given me plenty of time to do something about the cats. Then I was mad at the neighbor for being gun happy and offering to do it for Patrick. Then I was mad at no one except myself I should have gotten the cats fixed earlier before they had these kittens.
I have forgiven Patrick and the neighbor. Some how some way our neighbor was able to kill six of them and destroy the evidence all in a days time. He is good that is for sure.
Now we have four of the older kittens left two female and two male that I am going to trap and get fixed this month because I found a place that will deal with wild cats. We also had six of the little kittens left and I was able to find homes for three of them and still have three left. I plan on just getting them fixed to because they are wild and probably won't make good pets.

Happy Heifer


Cindy H said...

My uncle did the same thing when I was a kid!! We got back from vacation and all my cats were gone. All my family would say is "They must have ran away" I was in my 20s before my parents admitted to me what had really happened to them!

SquirrelGurl said...

Sorry to hear about your cats... its hard to control the population when dealing with ferals, especially when so few are willing to deal with them.

We had a similar problem in the community I live in, luckily a local rescue was able to locate a vet that would allow us to TNR (trap, neuter, return) them at a discounted rate. They also notched their ears so there wasn't any doubt about who had been done and who hadn't. It worked perfectly.

Happy Heifer said...

That sounds like a great idea. I am glad there is a commun ity out ther willing to actually do something for the cats then do something with like euthanize or whatever. I think more vets and places should offer more resonable rates to people trying to do the right thing. Cindy I heard about that from I don't remember were but I know I've heard that probAbly when I called G.G. to tell on Patrick

nature person said...

I hope you are saving those cat pictures, I want some of them! I don't like your sad cat stories. Hope you get the cat problem all cleared up.

Suzanne said...

Boy I can tell we're kin! I got the same problem going on in Arkansas! I don't own one darn cat, but it appears 20 cats (really just 13) cats own me. Why do people dump their unwanted pets. If more vets would lower their price when it comes to spaying and neutering, more people could afford to fix the critters dumped off on them! Someone needs to invent the PILL for stray animals.