Monday, February 9, 2009

Ropin on a saturday night

This is Larry on Gold warming up for a fun night of tracking calves

Patrick took his super deluxe, high powered, 0-60 in nothing flat Ranch horse to a roping on Saturday. Doc the super horse is a coal backed bucking son of a mare. Patrick loves him unconditionally. Even now that he got injured and retired and bucks every time Patrick first gets on him because we don't use him enough. Patrick still loves him. His love for me is not unconditionally, oh there are conditions, definitely conditions!! He loves me more than the horse I promise, he really does, I am sure of it, he does, I think.

Patrick and Doc what a pair

The calves were new calves and had never been roped so they just tracked them. Which was good for Doc and the calves. Doc does not really need to worked very hard because he still favors his bad leg once in awhile. Doc loves to work though, I have never seen a horse love his job as much as that one. He does not like arena work but I'll have to admit out in the pasture he is a super star.

Handsome cowboy scratching his bottomminy

This picture and the one before I took right after Doc bucked with Patrick. Yah, bucked not crow hopped. It is quite the show when Doc bucks with Patrick because Doc is so powerful and Patrick is so sticky it is a pretty, harshly, beautiful dance. Doc is an honest bucker. He will only try you when he is fresh and not getting work everyday. Now that he is on retirement he is fresh every time we ride him. I use we very, very loosely I don't ride Doc because i would get bucked off in a heart beat.

OK I would never ever in a million years admit this to Patrick but I kinda like his old super horse. Don't tell him though because he hates my palomino mare and it is only fair that I hate his horse too. That is the key to a good marriage, keeping it real and making sure you don't like each others horses.
Happy Heifer


Pony Girl said...

That bay is sure a beauty, bucks and all! ;)
Wish I had a sticky-bum! Not that my horse bucks, but I'd just feel safer, LOL!

happy heifer said...

Yeah I know what you mean if only I could stick as good as Patrick I wouldn't have a plate in my arm or a bad leg or back or toe or head......... Megan

nature person said...

Love all the pictures. Where are the pictures of you riding??????