Sunday, February 8, 2009

wacky, wild, weird w's

Whis Whorse was wasking a wadow on whe wall
Whis wlane was wlying in whe wky

Whe Wise Wentle Whorse

Whe Wold wman

Whe weanlings


Wappy Weifer
Can you believe I actually spell checked this post. Sometimes I wonder about me!
Yesterday we went over to a neighbors who has a roping arena. Patrick took Doc the super RANCH HORSE who has been on hurt leave for six months because he broke a small bone in his fetlock. Doc is 13 and still very colty. When he has been on vacation he will try you. Yesterday he tried Patrick and Patrick loved it!! He was so happy to see Doc feeling better he did not care a lick that the sorry old horse was coal backed and bucked pretty hard when Patrick first got on him. Of course I did not have my camera ready so I didn't snap a picture of Patrick in action. Patrick is pretty sticky and has rode many a broncs in his lifetime. I have seen him on some pretty rank ones and have not seen him lose his seat yet!! I did get some pretty neat pictures of our day and would love to show them to everyone, but for some strange reason I still cannot get pictures from my camera to my computer through the usb cord. Does anyone have any ideas why this might be happening. As I explained in my post yesterday we lost power and it blew the modem(I now know how to spell it, I think). We got a new MODEM and when we got everything all hooked up the computer won't let the camera upload pictures(uGGH). When you plug in the USB cord it just makes this dunndund noise and nothing happens. Any ideas
These other pictures are some I took last week, they are not very good but I like pictures and my posts are like totally boring and like my like way bad spelling like way shows when there are like no pictures
like way dude!!! :P


Pony Girl said...

Those pics are WORGEOUS! ;)
Hmm, sometimes I have USB cord issues. I will just turn the camera off and turn it back on, or unplug the cord and replug it, hoping the computer "reads" it. It happens on both my work and home laptop (w/home and work cameras) so I know it's just not me.
Do you think you need to reload the camera software on the computer, too? I know some cameras come with a disc.
Good luck, hope you can get your pics on soon 'cuz I want to see some more! ;)

Happy Heifer said...

I will look into the whole reloading of camera software that is a great idea!! I am also going to call the computer shop tom morow that put the new modem in and ask them. I hope something works soon. Megan