Sunday, February 1, 2009

Booger face is at it again

This one is graceful!!

And this one picks his boogers!!


Anonymous said...

It is 11 o clock at night and I have just read all of your blogs in 1 sitting. I couldn't stop.. I was afraid I WOULD MISS SOMETHING.I don;t care if you can spell or not. You have such a talent with writing what you are thinking at that moment. I can see why (Pat)rick.. man it is hard to call him that... married you, heck I told my husband tonight that I was in love with you and I'm not even gay!!HAHAHAHA You are sooo funny. I can't wait to read more and your photos are amazing!! I haven't even met you yet and I can tell that you are such a beautiful, kind hearted person! I thought you were lucky to have such a great man, but now I am pretty sure ya'll are lucky to have each other! Keep on with the blogs! You are making alot of people smile and/or cry! HAHAHA Hope you have a great night! Tell Patrick I said Hello!

Happy Heifer said...

Thank you audrea lot was wonderful thing to read first thing this am. I know Patrick has always said how wonderful you are.. We will all have to get together next time we are in TN.

Happy Heifer said...

lot was suppose to be that and add an a in there after was