Saturday, February 7, 2009

I am about to throw my computer out the window!!!!

Somebody stop me because I am about commit a Hannis crime against my computer!!
Thursday afternoon the sky was clear, wind was calm, day was beautiful, we lost our power for five long hours. I was having with drawls, I could not get on here and post or look at blogs or anything. I actually had to do laundry and dishes. When the power finally decided to grace us with its presence I tried my computer. NO DIAL TONE, what! How could that be, hadn't I already suffered enough? Yes, we have dial up and that is bad enough, I know!

We plugged our home phone into the stinkin, dumbed old jack and yes there was a dial tone. That means our dad gummed, stupid, darned old, fluffy chicken, stinkin computer's motum is blown. Ok Megan calm down it is going to be Ok.

Ok I am calm now. How did that happen you say, don't you have a surge protector you ask. Well, any logical thinking, high school educated, normal person would have a surge protector to keep the motum from going cuputy. Just so everyone knows I am not a logical thinker, I am a version of somebody normal, I am not normal, I am a high school drop out (GED) hence the bad spelling and punctuation. I have a lot of things going against me. SO you say how come Patrick the college graduate, degree holding, logical thinker did not put a surge protector on? Simple he does not care a stitch about computers.

So, I had to take the computer in yesterday and get a new motum. Guess what, "What" I did not buy a surge protector. Yap thats right I didn't.

This morning I get on my computer to download some new pictures off my camera. Even though I can get on the Internet I now cannot download pictures, what is going on? I can not figure it out! I am, I am, I am so confused. I don't know what to do if I can't put pictures on my computer. I am going to go lock myself in the closet until the problem fixes itself.

I will be in my closet if anyone needs me Happy Heifer


RoweKlan said...

Megan Everything is going to be ok, the first step is knowing you have a problem :P don't get sucked into the blog disease. Yes you think you have to be on it everyday but it's ok your computer isnt not one of your children it will suck your life in.

Hope it all works out!!


Happy Heifer said...

Thank you Heather for the much needed advice I was about to go seek psychaitric(what is that) help but with your kind loving words I will be Ok for another day.

Megan :P :P :P hhheeeehheeeeHooo

Pony Girl said...

Technology! It will do us all in one day. My mom was working on her new blog with my cousin the other day and the whole layout option just dissapeared. So they had to delete the blog and start over.
I don't have a surge protector, either. I know better but I have old outlets and I need to find a way to get a protector that only has two prongs? I am an electrically challenged person.
I hope your issues are fixed really soon! ;)

Suzanne said...

Word of advice to sure you buy a surge protector that has a battery in it. Not just the kind that has different plugs. So many people get confused about surge protectors. I bought one yesterday
330 watts..with 60 minutes of system backup power.Cost about $99, you can get smaller ones to suit your computer needs.Be sure and get the kind that you can install the software so if your electricity doesn't come back on when your not at home, the surge protector will shut your computer down properly. Happy your favorite aunt would ya.

nature person said...

Hello from Jackson Hole.
So sorry about Homer. Spent the day up at the ski village. was sunny and warm (26 degrees). Right now it is 9 degrees. Talk to you soon. If I was you I would throw that computer out the window. Oh well, I love your blog and seeing pictures of my favorite boys. Hello Suzanne and Heather, love to read your comments.