Sunday, February 1, 2009


This morning we had cheerios for breakfast! Last night I did not cook dinner! The boys had popcorn and bologna. I don't remember what Patrick ate. My cat is currently sleeping on my desk and snoring. Patrick is out checking cows I should do laundry but I don't think I will. It is a beautiful muddy wet mess outside. I saturated my good tennis shoes with mud last night when I was feeding the horses. I will probably not wear them for weeks because I will not want to clean them. I had movies that were due back two weeks ago that I returned to the gas station last night. We won't be renting movies for awhile since they probably want our first born. I love to can fruits and veggies and can't wait til spring so I can start. I just knocked my cup o' joe off onto the carpet in my room. I should clean it right now, but instead I will continue with my randomnessy. My kids love to play in our hay barn it is a huge maze for them.

Today we are going to go shoe some horses. We were not able to go to church because Patrick did not get done checking cows in time. Since now it is mucky and muddy we are probably going to have sick calves to tend to over the next week or until it cools down again. We have no plans for super bowl no one loves us. Currently Dustin is leading Cason around with his lariat rope and Cason is barking. Dustin was just mad at me and told me he does not like me anymore. Then he told me he loves me only if I will turn him on a cartoon. I did not turn on the cartoon and I think he still loves me. I need to go feed bottle calves. I should clean up my coffee stain. Maybe I should go do laundry or dishes.

Oh Iam too tired. I shall go watch the news and drink my new cup O' joe
Happy Heifer's House of mess


Nature person said...

That is the best cat picture. WOW! I am truly amazed at your photos. I think you should sell them. I sure hope you are getting some printed and framed. Google "how to sell your photos" and it will give you some info and sites to sell your photos on line. Keep up the good work but for gosh sakes CLEAN YOUR HOUSE!!!!!!!

RoweKlan said...

I love your blog megan, love, love, love~ I wish I could come there and see all your fun happy heifers!! miss you