Monday, February 2, 2009

Don't try this at home!!

I have a bit of adult on set acne on my chinny chin chin. I 've tried lots of different products to no avail. Doctors would say it is a hormone problem or something but, they don't know what they are talking about. My hormones are just fine no problems here perfectly balanced and happy. Now excuse me for a moment I am feeling a little hormonal and need to go cry.

I am back, aren't you glad. I have found a few products that work pretty good and they are natural and not tested on animals. My favorite of all times is called a Blemish Stick from Dessert Essence. It like totally works dude. It is tea tree oil and is amazing. My favorite face wash is Mint Julep Natural facial scrud ( what is scrud?) It is like taking a big glod(what is my problem have I forgotten what a B is) of sand and rubbing it all over your face. So refreshing and elegant. And last but not least is and anti aging cream by JASON called Tea Time it is so amazing I definitely look like I am 18 again.

Now I don't have sensitive skin at all so some of these products may be a little harsh for certain skin types.

Another thing I like to do to help keep my flare ups flared down is once a week do a vinegar chemical peel. I use apple cider vinegar straight from the bottle but, the "normal" directions for this homemade chemical peel is to dilute it 1 part vinegar to 5 parts water. I wash my little face with my Mint Julep then I use a Mint julep mask by queen Helene. I leave the mask on till dry and rinse really good! I then apply my vinegar with toilet paper all over my face. Make sure if you are going to try this dilute it the first few times before going insane with vinegar like me cause I have tough leather like skin. Rinse vinegar off with cold water to close pours and feel refreshed. DO NOT, I SAY DO NOT use your Jasons tea time lotion on a freshly vinegary face because your face will catch on fire like a blazing wild fire and all your little face creatures will be fleeing for there lives from this raging inferno. TRUST ME I KNOW.

All these products can be found at local health food stores.

My skin is healing fine from the raging inferno if any one was concerned


nature person said...

Sure got the lighting good on this one. Looks like a regular advertisement. As for your poor face, I have no words of wisdom on that one. Great work.

Ranch Diva Rachel said...

Vinegar on your face? Really? I am going to have to try that. Because at 33, I don't feel that it is fair to have to fight wrinkles AND zits.

Happy Heifer said...

I totally agree I never had a problem with zits when I was young now since having kids my chin has a problem yuck!!!!