Thursday, February 5, 2009

To photoshop or not to photoshop that is the question


I really want to get photo shop. I think it can make an OK picture great and a great picture spectacular or a bad picture OK. I am having a hard time debating whether I should go ahead and purchase it or not. I would like to be able to enhance certain parts of a picture and leave others alone. Like with portraits I like the sepia look with certain colors enhanced. I can somewhat get that look when I have certain backgrounds and neutral colors on the person but it is not the real thing. I would also like to enhance my boys eyes oh they have beautiful eyes and photos just don't do them justice. If I could do that I would be happy.

If I ever get good enough to sell my pictures, DO people want photo shopped photos or do they want actual true pictures I don't know. Some days I decide I am going to go ahead and get it then others I decide I am going to find a photo editing thing that is more simple and just has a few more options than the one I have now which is just adjusting the contrast and darkening or lighting the photo. Does anyone have any suggestions on other company's and what your opinion on photo shop is.

They all think I am weird especially Patrick

Currently this boy and his brother are sitting next to me fighting about who is going to play a guitar when they are older. conversation is going as so...
Dustin-" You are not old enough to play a guitar"
Cason-"When I's grown up I am going to plays a real guintar"
Dustin-"Well you can't play one now, you are still a baby"
Cason-"I am not a baby I AM A BIIIIIG BOY"
Dustin-" No you are a baby"
Cason-"No I am a big boy and Ims going to plays your guintar"
Dustin proceeds to whack CAson on the head with the guitar
Cason crys then proceeds to attack Dustin
Dustin cry's
I leave the room (hheee hee0)
Happy Heifer


Leslie Hanna said...

I have GIMP. It is free, and pretty comparable to PhotoShop Elements, which is the poor-man's PhotoShop. Why not give it a try? You cannot beat 'free'. :-)

SquirrelGurl said...

I tried GIMP and I also own Photoshop Elements. I've got to take the time to sit down and learn them both....

The full version of Photoshop is pricey, so be aware of that but there are some super AWESOME things you can do with it that Elements can't. Although I think most of the editing you mentioned can be accomplished in Elements.

I attempted to sell my own photos after some glowing reviews I got from co-workers, friends and family. It was not as easy as I had hoped. I tried selling them on Etsy (are you familar with it?). I sold 7 over the course of a year and most of those sales came through Etsy "games" where people drew names and had to purchase an item from you. Not nearly the success I had hoped.

If you wanted to learn more about Photoshop I highly recommend reading "Pioneer Woman photography"

Good luck!

Happy Heifer said...

Thanks for the advice I think I will go to the GIMP website and check that out and then check out elements. I don't want the total ability to change my entire photo because I know I would get addicted and do major changes to every photo and not appreciate the natural beauty of something. Any other advice will be greatly appreciated

Jodi said...

I am a photographer ... have photoshop CS2 and love it!!! I would not be without! BUT, it is spendy... but in my opinion well worth it. You HAVE to get the books though and be dedicated to learning it if you have not done anything like it before, but in the end you will LOVE it. BUY IT!!!

nature person said...

Good to see some pictures of Patrick and the boys! We are in Idaho Falls tonight. Long drive across Eastern Oregon but the snow covered landscape is beautiful. Wished I had more time to take pictures. Going into Jackson Hole tomorrow. I think you would have fun learning Photo Shop but it is pretty expensive.

RoweKlan said...

I hate to say this because you just bought a camera, but have you looked into some professional cameras with the different lenses? Maybe you should take a photography class. sometimes you can find them at schools nearby and are not too expensive and they will teach you about different cameras and the programs that you maybe interested in. Or how to get that special look you want.

Pony Girl said...

I have heard great things about GIMP and downloaded it....not I'm TOTALLY lost on how to use it! I'm usually savvy about just messin' with computer stuff and figuring it out, but I think I need a tutorial for that one.
I use Picasa, it's free and you can do some things.
I would like to invest in at least Elements one day, but I need to upgrade my camera first, lol! ;)

Happy Heifer said...

Everyone, thank you so mkuch(what is mkuch) for the advice. I will deffinitly look into gimp and picasa and than elements. Megan