Sunday, January 25, 2009

To buy Organic or to not buy Organic that is the question

Being a ranchers wife and making a meager salary organic and healthy are not always an option. The only local store ( and by local I mean 30 miles away) that has a health food section is Hyvee and the health food section is kinda expensive. It is difficult to shop in this section and not spend fifty dollars on just a few items. So I try to utilize the rest of the store and products that are somewhat healthy and sometimes Organic. If you do your looking throughout a store even wal-mart ( I spend a lot of time at wal- mart) you can find things that are good for our environment and good for you too, but aren't incredibly expensive.

My favorite beauty products that are pretty darn cheap but also don't test on animals------
ST. IVES most of there products are not tested on animals. They make a great apricot facial scrub that I LOOOOOVE

For fruits and veggies if you are wanting to go Organic buy things that are in season. You don't have to go Organic on everything. If you are trying to do this on a budget than go Organic on the things that absorb the most pesticides. Take baby steps anything will help yourself and the environment. This is a list of things that absorb pesticides( yeah I know it is everything almost) but remember you don't have to do it all. Say you eat Apples a lot buy them Organic and don't worry about the oranges if you don't eat them as much or vice-verse.
Apricots, peaches
Bell peppers
Dairy products such as milk, cheese and butter
Grapes, particularly imported varieties
Green beans
Greens and spinach
Lemons, limes and oranges
Peanuts and peanut butter
Raspberries and strawberries
Winter squash

At wal-mart you can get free range eggs which I suggest they are more expensive but once in a while they do have have sales on them. Watch for sales and buy them when they are on sale. When not on sale buy the cheaper one's any little bit helps. Or get eggs from a neighbor, or the Amish or Mennonites they are usually pretty well priced and a lot of people who have laying hen's usually have an over abundance of eggs.

For flour, yeast, oatmeal, bran and most anything along that line I like Hodgson Mill you can find it most anywhere and it is good for you and your wallet

For cleaning products I like the price of method a product I found at Target they are pretty reasonably priced and are non-toxic, biodegradable,phosphate free, naturally derived and NO animal testing. I like the french lavender flavor of dish detergent.

I also like Clorox green works. Since it is Clorox and a large company they can have cheaper products and better sales. Search the Internet for coupons and sales and stock up when you find these. Stocking up on non perishable products is key to saving money.

It is hard for me to not buy the lesser known more expensive products that are made by mom and pop company's but I just can't afford it. I do the best I can and that is all we can do. When the "good" products that are made by small mom and pop company's are on sale cheaper then the normally cheap products I buy them and try them out.To support small American business's the best that I can.

Hippy Cowgirl


FishermansDaughter said...

Surfed over from your comment on The Horse Shoeing Housewife's blog. Careful buying W*lmart organics - for more info - - thought you'd want to know.

Happy Heifer said...

Hey thanks for the advice on wal-mart I am new to my adventure and really appreciate anyones advice and oppnions. Megan