Friday, January 23, 2009

Ranchers Recycle

We are a ranching family. We work for ranches we don't own the ranches, we make a decent living but are not rich by far. We utilize what we can to save money and that means anything.

Ranch recycling 101-We work on a large operation and being so large during calving time there is always going to be some bottle calves. These calves come from cows with bad udders, heifers who don't know what to do with a calf and sometimes they are twins and the cow can only support one. Inevitably we always have milk re placer around. The milk re placer you buy in the big bags come with plastic measuring cups inside them. These cups make great drinking glasses for us. They also make great bathtub toys for the kids. Needless to say we have a bunch of them and we don't throw them away we use them in some way or another.

Another great recycling tip is when we buy ice cream we buy it in the large 1 gallon plastic containers( PAtrick eats a lot of ice cream). When we are done with the ice cream I wash out the containers and use them for dog food dishes, I measure the grain for our horses in them, I store left overs in them. Redneck Tupperware baby!!!!!!!

I also reuse all my plastic butter containers as redneck Tupperware as well!!!!

COWS and recycling

My oldest cowbaby how handsome is he!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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