Tuesday, March 17, 2009

"You stink mommy"

Cason my three yr. old and I went to town this afternoon to pick Dustin up from preschool. As we were driving Cason said "I smell something stinky" I replied "oh it is just this stinky truck" He said "No" "it smells like poop" I said I don't smell anything like that and he said " Do you smell stinky mommy?" I answered quikly " no mommy never stinks" LOL He couldnt leave it at that though in a shy little voice he said "mommy you stink" I again said "no" and he then asked "did you wipe your bottom good after you went Pooppoo" I just about crashed the truck then I laughed then he yelled "THATS NOT FUNNYYYY"

Just to clarify he was smelling dog poop that was on his shoe!! URGHHH So I really dont stink, really I don't, I am sure of it, If I did I would smell it, Wouldn't I? LOL

Happy Heifer


nature ramblings said...

Great story, those boys can sure say the cutest things. Glad your back to your writing. You are very creative!! Happy St. Pats. Day.!!!

Pony Girl said...

I hate the dog poo on the shoes! It IS really stinky. Funny, savvy kiddos you have! :)

Broken Y said...

Around here, it's all about the stink! AND why do moms get blamed for the worst stink?!

Love it - I needed the laugh!

The Wife said...

LOL! That was too funny!