Sunday, March 22, 2009


Yesterday we had a bull sale at our place. The boys and I decided we would go and watch and take pictures. When I told Patrick I wanted to take pictures so I could put it on my blog he told me to wear a disguise so no one would recognize me and realize I was his wife. How nice, boy he sure is supportive of my hobby.

They sold 300 bulls, 300 bred heifers and 50 pairs. They averaged $3200 and they made 1.5 million. The bulls were all premium Circle A Angus some were registered but most were commercial. Circle A was pretty smart in a new program they started to advertise and sell premium commercial bulls. They have kept such detailed records on all there commercial cows over the years that they have a certification program on all there commercial bulls and have the lineage on all of them. They are premium good quality bulls that do as well or better in calf production and weight gain as registered bulls.

The show barn which is were they hold the auction is also were Patrick and I attend cowboy church. The cowboy church was started by someone who works for circle A so we use there "show Barn" they call it a show barn but they don't do very much showing anymore it is mostly just there own private auction barn.

There were so many people there that to get this picture I had to raise my hand up with my camera. You see the guy in the middle he thought I was bidding on the bull in the ring and the bull was already at 6,000 dollars good way to embarrass my hubby who was busy at work in the back. I don't think a 6,000 dollar bull is in our budget.

They serve a pretty nice breakfast and dinner and keep the food up all through the sale. Cason did not like his and he was pretty mad that I would not get him something else. Dustin only ate a little bit and he was also mad because he did not get the drink he wanted. Fun day for me Not

They had red Angus and I thought this guy was very handsome. I did not get a good shot and now he is probably down in TX making baby's so I will not ever see his pretty face again. So sad

They had a pen full of real nice baldy heifers that were bred. We raised these baldys last year I always liked seeing the baldys born.

This guy was not for sale he is one of circle A's leading sires. I could not decide if he wanted to eat me for dinner or if he wanted his head scratched but I decided not to stick around and find out.

After a long day at the sale and having two CRABBY boys I decided it was time to go home we told Patrick by and have a good time loading out trailers but we be done. Especially mom.
Happy Heifer

This little calf was sure glad she was not at that crazy sale!!


nature ramblings said...

Thanks for sharing the bull sale. I almost felt like I was there. (Almost!) You are going to have to get those boys under control. Just wait til they get bigger, you won't have a chance. Ha Ha!!!Right now it is snowing the biggest flakes I have ever seen. Snowing so much you can hardly see across the street. Won't last long though, this is spring!!! Loved your pictures. Talk to you later.

GreenRanchingMom said...

OH MY!! You guys work for Circle A!? I bet you are close to us!! E-mail me if you want to let on which ranch you are at. Honey interviewed with them last year, & we almost went down.

SquirrelGurl said...

I went to a bull sale around this time last year, it was a fun experience. We were going to find a second bull to use for our heifers.

Argoe, thats the bull we bought, came from the Wye Angus herd which sounds a lot like Circle A. Lots of production records, pedigrees excetera. You know what you are getting.

It was awesome watching the bidding on the cow/calf pairs, the heifers even embryos and semen. It was the first time I had ever been to an auction with phone bidders. It was fun all around and some of the cattle sold had long trips to make from Maryland!

nature ramblings said...

Neat job on your "Arizona Cypress" contest. Did you really know what kind of tree that was? Wasn't much of a picture to go by. Congratulations!!! Wonder what you won.

2sweetnsaxy said...

When you said bull sale, you really meant bull sale. Wow.