Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Dancing Cowboy

Sometimes Dustin likes to break into song and dance. Usually he does his dancing when no one is watching, he is a rough and tumble cowboy he does not want anyone to know about his skills! I happened to be the lucky hunter on this beautiful morning.
He was singing his favorite cowboy song. "His" song he calls "ghostly rider" though that is not the true name of the song, It Is a Red Steagall song.
He'll start off singing real quiet "on a wagon last October was a kid of seventeen"
then the new species searches the terrain to make sure no one is watching and he'll go into full blown song and Dance
"a city kid from Dallas wet behind the ears and green" He'll look around again
"he stepped out of the pages of a western catalog"
"not the kind you'd pick to ride the rivers and the bogs"
"The boss had put the kid and me together for the drive"
"We took the outside circle I was mad and full of fight"
This new strange species I will call "Dancing Cowboy Dustin" is still thinking no one is watching. As I secretly watch I feel like a hunter stocking his prey, can I get close enough to get a good shot, I like to watch the fight dance of my prey. I sneak closer as the species continues to show us it's true glory. I have my camo and my sent away on. I finally get a good shot, capturing the new species of "dancing cowboy Dustin".

Then I get this face and the song and dance ended. I guess my hunt was only somewhat successful. I was only able to capture a picture of the elusive "Dancing cowboy Dustin". I planned to capture the species, cage it and parade the new find around the world, but no such luck, THIS TIME.

Oh well at least he is smiling again the capture was not to traumatic.
Happy Heifer


Cactus Jack Splash said...

What a little darling. Looks like he is going to be a star when he is older.

nature person said...

Soooo Cute!!!!! Here is the next country western singer. Great story. Love the pictures of those boys.

nature person said...

Forgot to say that I think you should post the picture of the fire ring elk on your paintbox picture blog. I just love that shot!!!

Pony Girl said...

He's too stinkin' cute! ;) I wish you could have caught it on video, that would have been priceless. It is funny how some kids love to let loose in private then get all embarrassed when they see someone watching!!

Ranch Diva Rachel said...

That is precious!

tipper said...

How adorable!! I love it that he is a song and dance man!

Karin said...

Very cute! You'll have to try and catch this on video! Then send it to Red! He'll love it! Who knows - that may be the start of his career!Look what he did for Reba!