Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Watery Wednesday My first one

It is almost spring, but all around, all we see are little memories of a crisp, cool Fall!
Be sure to click on photo to make it larger to see full effect!

Happy Heifer


2sweetnsaxy said...

Welcome to Watery Wednesday! So glad you decided to join. You might want to re-enter your name. Your link is wrong. I think there's a dot missing. I had to do a search to find you so I could let you know.

nature ramblings said...

Megan, I fixed your URL address on watery wednesday. You forgot to put a dot between blogspot and com. Hope you don't mind. I knew you had already gone to bed. Be sure to thank 2sweetnsaxy for hunting you down to let you know. Love your water picture. Mom

Judy said...

I sure am glad that I enlarged the photo, so I could follow that tiny stream through all the leaves. The small version simply doesn't do it justice.
I agree that bull in the previous post - I wouldn't have stuck my hand in there, either. I am really out of touch with the colours of cows. I didn't even know angus came in colours other than black!

Broken Y said...

I love this picture!