Sunday, March 1, 2009

It from 80 to snowy in two days

We had a beautiful snow filled weekend and of course I had to take pictures!
I started with just playing around taking pictures of strange things at strange angles. The whole time I was taking all these pictures I was waiting for Patrick and the boys to get the sled ready so we could sled.

I continued snapping pictures of random things.

I watched the dogs play. Even Homer was feeling his oats today.

Polly loved the snow, she bounded in it like a rabbit running from a wolf.

The snow was very deep on her!

Then I got ready to start taking pictures of the boys playing!

Cason fell into a snow bank on our way to sled, and then the most annoying irritating just my luck kind of thing happened. My Camera "Black Betty"'s battery died and I did not have another. We played in the snow had a snowball fight, went sledding and I did not get one single shot of any of it. Did it really even happen since I did not take any pictures?

Happy Heifer


Ranch Diva Rachel said...

Haha! The snow is gorgeous. So are the kids and puppies...

And I know what you mean. 80 one day and today I woke up to 38. Geez... C'mon Spring!

The Wife said...

I'll take your word for it THIS time! Love the first pic!

nature ramblings said...

The ice picture is really great. Another one for the paintbox photo blog. Sorry I haven't gotten to you sooner. Sorry I missed more snow pictures but what you got were really cute. Where was girl dog in all these photos?

Anonymous said...

With that kind of temp change the wind that preceded it must have been horrific.

Happy Heifer said...

We deffinitly had some wind and the temperature change was hard on the calves! We lost two calves both month old calves, found them both in similar places along a creek and both in the same pasture. granted this pasture has probably 80 cows in it, it is not a normal thing to lose good older healthy calves in the same day!

tipper said...

Sorry the battery died-but it still looks like lots of fun was had by all! The close up shots are amazing. We didn't get any of the snow-wish we had.