Monday, March 9, 2009

Hillbilly fun

Yes, another H name to describe my many "personalities". Happy Hippy Heifer Hillbilly House how does that sound? Don't worry I am sure I will come up with another H name to describe the many other sides of ME. Everyone will know all about me or just be completely confused and biting your nails by the time I finish. I have come to realize that I am an odd duck. I guess I realized it unconsciously but now the realization is surfacing. I cant decide whether It scares me or I am glad to be unique. Believe m e I am the definition of unique, really I am I promise, I know it is hard to believe but I am.

Over the weekend the boys and I decided to go on an adventure exploring the pastures. We went wading in the creek, climbing trees, looking at piles of cow poop, playing with rotten leaves, throwing rocks into the pond and playing in the mud. Who needs a McDonald's play ground when you have 1,000's of acres of trees and creeks and ponds. Sometimes I wonder if my boys are deprived because they don't get to go play on the McDonald's playground like all the other normal kids.
When you ask Dustin and Cason what they want to eat they don't say McDonald's they say Mexian, yes Mexican we love Mexican food. When Dustin was little and we were out and a bout and he would get hungry he would not say I want french fries, or I want a hamburger he would say "I want chips' and dip it" chips and salsa. I think I have said to much everyone is going to think we love Mexican food or something and instead of being good parents and take our kids to McDonald's we have always made them come with us to Mexican.

I really enjoy going out exploring in the pastures. We have so many interesting valleys and hiding spots. Places that make exploring for a kid a blast. When my boys get older I hope they will enjoy exploring these places on there own making forts and little villages down in the valleys, with rock people farming there land until a big black monster comes and tears down their village. Or a flood washes away there houses, I am sure hard on rock people, I guess
I think I get my joy for exploring from my mom. She is the ultimate exploring queen.
Back to depriving our children we also don't let them play video games, not at all. So many kids are so addicted to video games that it scares me and Patrick and we decided early on that our boys are not going to play video games, and we have stuck to it, they don't! We plan to teach them the computer because these days you have to know computers but it won't be because they play games on there. We will have to see how all that works out when the time comes. I do feel bad depriving my children of things that all there friends get to enjoy but I just can't help it, It is my way or the Highway in my house ;P I do let them watch to much TV though and need to start working on that.

The boys were playing at the pond and decided to throw rocks in it then Dustin said he was going to throw rocks and hit the sleeping turtles on the head. I had to have a discussion about not hurting things for the fun of it. He still wanted to hit turtles on the head so I told him we are going to go home if he does not stop saying he wanted to hurt the turtles. He stopped saying but still continued to throw rocks in the same spot. I thought what a good boy he decided not to try and hurt the turtles anymore. I realized later that that devious little look on his face, the grin, and evil eye meant he was still thinking about hitting the turtles on the head but just quit saying it because I asked him to. He really pulled one over on me and he knew it.

Oh what a beautiful sign of spring a fly!

He had a blast climbing this tree. I was so proud of him and being brave because sometimes he can be a bit of a woos, did I just say that about my son, no I didn't, SHHH don't tell.

He thinks he is a stud muffin, did I just call my son a stud muffin? what is my problem first he is a woos then a stud muffin.

He is a gangsta! Now I am referring to him as a gangster sometimes, no all the time I wonder about my self.

We had Robin red breasts all over the trees of course I only got two shots and one was blurry because I had three dogs and two boys running around scaring them.

He is getting to be such a big boy and he is not a woos this boy was soaked from head to toe and did not complain one bit. Dustin on the other hand had to jump the creeks and threw a fit when his boot fell off and got wet. Did I mention he is a woos. Oh I already did well I don't truly think he is a woos really I don't, I promise, I think.



nature ramblings said...

Great day outside. Did you find anything interesting, like some great rocks or bones? I really like the fly photo. But, not as much as the pictures of the boys. Wished I had been there, I probably would have found some really neat things, at least neat to me.

The Wife said...

That's my kind of day! I don't think it's hillbilly one bit! But that's one hillbilly's opinion to another! I don't think the kids are missin out on anything!

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Nothing wrong with being a hillbilly....I am one and very proud of it!

Pony Girl said...

Wow, I was just talking to some co-workers about this at lunch today! That as kids, we all played in the woods, made forts, collected frogs, picked berries as "food"....nowadays, kids have Wii and Nintendo DS and a couch and Cheetos....I can't overemphasize, as an educator, the importance and value of what you did with your boys on that walk. Research shows that without play and exploration, children do not develop normally. So get ready world, but the hillbillies are gonna rule it! ;)
And you are NOT an odd duck, silly!

Happy Heifer said...

Thanks Pony girl! It is alot of fun going out and exploring. I am glad you guys got my post I thought it was strange very jumbled and messy but I guess that is how I work. I am glad you don't think I am an odd duck pony girl It is fun being hillbillie, hippie and cowgirl all wrapped into one! I am glad you are a hillbillie to The wife

RoweKlan said...

Don't worry about not giving your kids mc donalds. It is soooo bad for them you really don't know whats in it these days, and they wont be addicted to that stuff when they get older! Mexican food would be way better! I MISS you. I wish so bad I could come and explore with you and your kids. We are leaving for Alaska soon!

RoweKlan said...

I also wanted to say you are My bestest friend in the world, and I have always loved your oddness. Your very unique and that's why I love you. I love your family and your an awesome mom. I just wish we lived closer, maybe some day....

Ranch Diva Rachel said...

I hope my kids get to play outside and have more room than a suburban backyard!!!

H? Hmmmm? How about "Hot", "Hectic", "Hilarious"?

I am sure I could come up with more after another cip of coffee.

ascu75 aka Don said...

I am an English hillbilly and proud of it it worn away with the years but up untill I lost my parents at ten I was just like that and thats where I still am somewhere safe and deep inside Thanks for sharing your day and keep the foundations strong so when the storms come your kids will be safe XXX Don