Thursday, October 14, 2010

I have always been the more positive one in the family, Always looking at the cup half full never once doubting anything, walking with confidence, but a very scary thing happened a few days ago, and it has changed my whole prospective on life, it was such a horrible event and even though I did have all the support of friends and family it was still an aweful experience. No trip to the hospital was needed though I thought at one time I was going to have a heart attack, all while thinking why me, why me. Now you have to know I am not one to dwell on self pitty I always trudge through whatever is handed to me but this was such an aweful, aweful thing that it's hard for me to even mention it to anyone even over the computer but I guess you all need to know the horrible experience that we have been through over the past week!

I turned THIRTY, I am Thirty not twenty anymore Thirty!!!!!
Oh well I guess I need to face the music and go into my next thirty years with my head held high!

Love the old woman


Rachel said...

Oh goodness, you sure had me going there... but I'm not thirty yet, haven't even made it over 25, so I really have no clue what I'm going to be like when the day comes that I do turn the big 3 0.... ha!

Well, hope that you had a great birthday!
Glad no heart attacks hit! ;)

Darlin' Joy said...

I just turned 31 this week! I think the hardest for me so far was 29 because the pressure was on to get everything done in my twenties that I wanted to do. When you turn 30, pressure is off, you got another 10 years before another big birthday!

Aspen Photography said...

I am glad for that that I have awhole ten years to before I have to go through this again!! Happy birthday to you JOY

Dawn Allen said...

You old Lady!!!!!