Saturday, October 23, 2010

Who I am

I am wife: Mother: Lover of animals: A Born again Christian: A question asker: should have been born a gypsy: A dreamer: A Lover: I am loved: I smile: I laugh: I love life in the middle of nowhere: I like freedom and feeling free: I am still amazed by my kids daily: I love the sparkle in my husbands eyes: A amateur photographer: A traveler: Dislike people who abuse animals: can have a mean streak: The class clown: I will make fun of myself: I am a daughter: A writer: I am not a good housekeeper: I have an artistic streak that I have not found yet: I still don't know what I am going to be when I grow up: I am thirty: I will never be twenty again: I want lots of kids: But I am blessed with the two that I have: Always wanting to improve myself: I walk with God: I pray daily: I need to read the bible more: Always striving to be a better mother: I need change: Anything normal scares me: I have secrets: I love food way too much: I love to cook for my family: I despise laundry and dishes: I get migraines and they scare me: A borderline Hypochondriac: I enjoy sweeping, mopping and dusting: A friend: A worrier: I have a vivid imagination: An optimist most of the time: I love nature: I hate TV but I cant stop watching it: I want to home school my kids but I don't think I have the patience's: I am impatient: I love my truck: I love my animals: Could easily be the crazy cat women: I need to improve: I am happy with who I am: I am crazy: I am loud: usually people like me: I need my space: my kids make me laugh: My kids make me crazy: wish I had a hippy bus: married to a cattle rancher: I am a vegetarian: Love health food stores: I love the smell of clean laundry: I want to start quilting: I want to be inspirational: I want to be remembered: I want to make my family happy: I am a pleaser: I am me:

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